Comprehensive assessment and communication for libraries.

Desk Tracker Plus includes the public service statistics tools of Desk Tracker with the reference management of Knowledge Tracker, and adds surveys and qualitative assessment, broadcast email management, and advanced reporting and communication features.

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Collect data and run reports

With Desk Tracker Plus, you will have the same ability to collect data and run reports as with Desk Tracker. In addition to the graphs shown below, you will have further bar graph options (including the ability to view side-by-side comparison reports), cross-tabular reports, text-based reports, and the ability to download any report in .csv format for use in common spreadsheet applications.

Gather data from staff and patrons

Desk Tracker Plus offers the same customizable statistics-tracking forms as Desk Tracker, plus surveys specifically for collecting data from patrons and faculty. Surveys can be anonymous or used to initiate communication with the library community via email or direct url on your library's website.

Assessment and reference in one place

Quickly view your active requests in the context of your library’s overall public service environment. Desk Tracker Plus brings online and in-person activity together in one reporting interface.

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Qualitative and quantitative assessment

Desk Tracker Plus lets you analyze quantitative assessment data and the results of qualitative surveys together to illuminate the connections between public service strategy and patron experience, like never before. Analyze patron use and activity based on time, day, staff utilization, and other factors.

Report templates

Save frequently used reports to your dashboard so you do not have to filter your data repeatedly for the same report. Dynamic reporting allows data to update over time within saved templates.

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Email communication

Use broadcast email management tools to contact patrons and faculty. Quick and customizable list management, and a user-friendly message builder make it easy to develop and send surveys and announcements.

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Reference management

With Desk Tracker Plus, you will have the same reference management capability as with Knowledge Tracker. Electronic contacts from patrons are automatically received and routed. Communicate using your regular email client, or use the staff interface, with tools like boilerplate text to speed response time. Either way, all email communication and activity related to reference requests is recorded in a central transcript.