Unmatched statistics and reference management.

Desk Tracker Live includes all of the functionality of Desk Tracker, Knowledge Tracker, and Desk Tracker Plus, with the addition of real-time assessment tools and automated report delivery.

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Collect data and run reports

With Desk Tracker Live, you will have the same ability to collect data and run reports as with Desk Tracker. In addition to the graphs shown below, you will have further bar graph options (including the ability to view side-by-side comparison reports), cross-tabular reports, text-based reports, and the ability to download any report in .csv format for use in common spreadsheet applications.

Reference management

With Desk Tracker Live, you will have the same reference management capability as with Knowledge Tracker. Electronic contacts from patrons are automatically received and routed. Communicate using your regular email client, or use the staff interface, with tools like boilerplate text to speed response time. Either way, all email communication and activity related to reference requests is recorded in a central transcript.

Scheduled Reports

No more manual compiling of annual data. Desk Tracker Live automatically emails updated reports on a flexible schedule. Dynamic reporting means a report is always current whenever it is viewed.

Live Monitoring

View Desk Tracker Live entries as they happen. Customizable monitoring shows important new activity at the top of the screen, without the need to run reports. Desk Tracker Live includes favorites, so assessment is only seconds away.


Browse recent reference questions at all locations or summarize the day’s activity with a single click. View updated statistics by the past hour, day, or week, for any activity type or service point, in less time than it takes to check email!

Activity Alerts

Respond instantly to changing conditions and peaks in patron requests with customizable alerts delivered by email or to your Desk Tracker screen. Alerts are triggered when certain activity climbs above or falls below customized thresholds.

Data Sharing

Quickly send assessment reports and data files to colleagues without a Desk Tracker login. Multiple recipients and report expiration makes it easy to distribute information while controlling access.